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The wedding of Jashmina and Yajur took place at the serene Tewin Bury Farm, a tranquil farm tucked away behind River Mimram and Tewin Nature Reserve on 700 acres of Hertfordshire countryside. Tewin Bury Farm offers a multitude of areas for portraits and overall beautiful backgrounds for Indian weddings

This bubbly couple had their Indian wedding ceremony and reception in The Meadow Barn at Tewin Bury Farm which caters for 450 people seated; the perfect backdrop for their fun but chilled out wedding. The Meadow Barn has an interested history and is one of the most energy efficient venues in Hertfordshire as it’s a 17th century farmhouse dating back to 1931 when it was built as a dairy farm. 

As an Indian wedding photographer, I found this venue to be an ideal fit for Jashmina and Yajur’s wedding festivities as the rooms and individually designed and purpose built which allowed us to make the most of the breath-taking surroundings when it came to photographs. 

The Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are known for their bright and colourful scenes and this wedding was no exception! Yajur’s family kicked off the day on a high note with coloured flares and a big dancing entrance to ensure all the guests knew he had arrived which really set the fun tone for the day. The upbeat entrance was great to capture with the lively guests smiling away. Jashmina’s side weren’t to be outdone though when the games started; the best man made the error of letting his guard down and failed to protect the Yajur’s nose and Jashmina’s aunt took full advantage. The pinch was wild to say the least and she got the red powder all over his nose that he looked like he was bleeding! 

There was no doubt that the room was filled with love for this couple but it was beautiful to witness the true love between the couple themselves too. When the cover was lowered to reveal Jashmina, Yajur was overcome to see his Bride and had the kind of reaction that all Indian wedding photographers love to capture!  

This bubbly couple didn’t hold back on the day with anything and when it came to the Phere, Jashmina was determined to sit down first and even did so before the Maraj Ajit Panday has even started the prayers! Poor Yajur was shocked that he didn’t get a fair chance so he made up for it later in the wedding by sitting down first. 

 The Reception

The Meadow Barn in Tewin Bury Farm is a blank canvas which is great for completely changing the feel of the venue between the Indian wedding and the reception event. Before the event started, Jashmina and Yajur were able to sneak off and take some couple portraits across the many different options which Tewin Bury Farm offers including the barns, countryside greenery and wooden pagoda. 

When it comes to a party, both Jashmina and Yajur’s families know how to have a good time! The shots I was able to capture were priceless as everyone naturally gelled together and had fun. 

A dance off ensued between the Bride’s side and the Groom’s but was so enjoyable to see, (aside from the various shapes being thrown!) was the two families come together. There was no idea of who ‘won’ the dance competition as it simply turned into everyone merging into one big group which I felt really signified the joining of two families to celebrate this lovely couple.


      Wedding Decor – Avari events

      Priest – Ajit Panday

      Wedding Music – Live Music –  Shri Ghadvi, Robin Christian

      Live Stream – Kayah Productions

      Catering – Bharat Gangaram

      Planner – R1 Events

      MUA – Diva Suri 

      Video – Tom Harding Films


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