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An Indian Wedding and Reception at Ditton Manor 

This beautiful Bride and Groom, Shrina and Milan, had their Indian Wedding and Reception soaking in the sun with an outdoor event at Ditton Manor. 

 Photography at Ditton Manor Wedding Venue 

Housed in Berkshire, Ditton Manor is an iconic wedding and reception venue for Asian weddings. This venue gives an exclusive vibe, surrounded by a centuries old moat and gorgeous landscape of carefully manicured gardens which is a dream to photograph for any occasion, but even more special for a wedding ceremony.

The venue has a certain allure, with a sense of a magical and hidden location for a wedding venue which you can feel in the memories captured throughout the Indian wedding ceremony. The long pathway from the entrance to the manor house provides a great opportunity to make the most of the Jaan’s entrance, whilst the front of the manor house and the hedge maze make great settings for couple portraits. I had a ten-minute slot to create some amazing portraits with the bride and her bridesmaids and the Ditton Manor grounds made this a lot easier, and we had a lot of fun too. 

Outdoor Indian Wedding Ceremony

The weather was nothing short of perfect for Shrina and Milan, with the couple having always dreamed of a spectacular outdoor wedding. The sun was shining from beginning to end adding to the happy atmosphere all round! The Groom’s entrance kicked off the shoe stealing fun and games, with Ditton Manor’s large and spacious grounds giving the perfect space to run around. Family members ran all over the grounds chasing the shoes which led to them losing their shoes in the process! Milan made his way to the mandap with the traditional nose pinching from the bride’s family, and they did not hold back! 

The Bride made her entrance after a heartfelt message, thanking her family and husband-to-be and it was an honour to photograph such emotional memories. Throughout the ceremony it was clear to see that the lovely couple were surrounded by a loving family who were all showering them with well-wishes, particularly Milan’s grandma who it was evident he was very close to. There were an uncountable number of great memories to capture throughout the Indian wedding ceremony, including the bride showing her clear unhappiness at failing to sit down fastest after the Phera around the fire.

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