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Hello, I’m Meheer

The one thing that intrigues me the most about photography is the idea of preserving a moment in time. A single photo allows you to do exactly that.

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Capturing Memories That Will Last A Lifetime.

I love creating memories that will last a lifetime. Every Christmas, as a family, we all sit together and look through all our childhood albums. There are so many photos from back in the day where I’m holding a camera looking like I’m taking a photo (I’m not sure if I was taking a photo, or just pretending!) but I’m sure that had some influence on my career choice. My dad was also a photographer during the film days, and I was always inspired by his work. Even though there are so many embarrassing photos, my brother and I are so grateful that our parents took captured those moments from our childhood.

What’s even more special is going through the images together, reminiscing on the good times. I’ve always been intrigued of how a single photo can encapsulate a memory – allowing you to relive that precious moment over and over again, taking you back to where you were, who you were with and the emotion you felt.

That’s exactly why I love being a wedding photographer, capturing your your special moments so you can relive them with your friends and family in the years to come. I look forward to speaking about your special day.

As a photographer, there’s nothing more important to me than making sure your memories are tangible forever through images. Indian weddings in London have numerous events, all a sequence of rituals that you want to remember perfectly. My years of experience photographing Indian weddings means I understand what each ceremony means, when it happens and why, allowing me to capture the beautiful and natural emotions that you feel throughout.

The short answer – everything! As an experienced Indian wedding photographer, I know that there can be many events to plan for – I’m here to make it all easier. From the beginning of your wedding journey with a surprisal proposal, all the way through to the Indian wedding day itself, you want these incredible moments immortalised through photos and you can feel confident that your photography needs are fulfilled when you work with me.

Every Indian wedding photographer in London will tell you a similar thing; we’re here to help and yes we can capture it all. The difference with me is I’m not just there on the day, I’m here beforehand too. All weddings can be stressful, Indian weddings even more so with the sheer number of events and people! I don’t believe communicating with your wedding photographer should be something else you add to that list. Feel free to reach out to me, whenever you need something, whenever you have a question; I am truly here to help. Read my testimonials from the amazing and beautiful couples I have worked with to capture their Indian wedding photos.

Every Indian wedding in London is different and every bride and groom has unique requirements for their photographer to ensure their vision for the day is caught on camera. I work closely with the bride, groom and their families to ensure every moment of every event is captured the way they want. If there is something that I know you’re excited about on the day, you can guarantee that my trusty camera and I will be there to snap that first smile, tear, all emotions, as your feeling them! If you are searching for an Indian wedding photographer who takes time to understand you, I am ready to help.