Parul & Hitesh’s Hindu Wedding and Reception took place at Manor of Groves. This is a beautiful Wedding Venue to photograph at as it is flooded with lots of Natural Light which provides great conditions for a photographer. In addition to this is the beautifful gardens which provides a wide variety of photo opportunities for Couple Portraits (Provided the British weather holds out).

It was great to see Parul was relaxed whilst getting ready and looking forward to what is known as the biggest day in someones life. Its a day full of emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other.

It was a tough choice to picking out picutres for this blog post. But a few images reallt stuck out to me. The first is an image during the Saptapadi (Seven Steps) for me it clearly shows the connection they have through the subtle smiles and look into each others eyes. Another favorite is an image during the Phrea (Going round the Fire). In this image Hitesh’s neiece and nephews are showering flowers on to the couple, I love the sence of motion in this picture and not forgetting Hiteshs facial expression.

Who loves to Limbo?

Whislt on the dancefloor a few guests grab some organza from a back of a chair andstarted using it to limbo, it was incredible to see that within a few minutes majority of guests were all taking part and it was great to see Parul & Hitesh took on this challange hand-in-hand.

It was great to work along side a great set of suppliers including, Kamal Pandey, Shiv Gopal Music, Finesse Studios Weddings, Shenai Weddings Ltd, Paragon Roadshow.

Thank you Parul & Hitesh for trusting me to capture your big day. I had a lot of fun and as always, it was great to bump into a few familiar faces on the day.

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