From the moment I met Vanesha & Sawan from their initial consultation, it was obvious to me that they had an incredible connection as a couple. When they contacted me to book me as their wedding photographer I was super excited as I knew their wedding was going to be something special and it was nothing less.

I photographed three events for Vanesha & Sawan The first, their Hindu Wedding in Coventry followed by their Civil Wedding & Reception. I have had the hardest time trying to narrow down a selection to post up and share with you all. My first selection had over 200 images just from their Indian Wedding alone. After hours of trying to narrow it down further the best I got down to was just over 70 images. At this point, I decided that I will share my favorites from both days over two blog posts.

After photographing Vanesha getting ready, Sawan rocked up in a Rolls Royce and was welcomed with a huge cheer. Just before making their way into the venue, both mums gave each other a big hug and from this point on it was lovely to see that the two families have already created a bond.

Just before Vanesha walked down the aisle, she looked at both here mama’s (Uncles), with a huge smile. It was amazing to watch this moment unfold and to see the joy in all of their faces before walking down the aisle. The ceremony continued, full of smiles, expressions and some incredible moments between the couple.

Some young kids successfully got their hands on the groom’s shoes. At the end of the Indian wedding ceremony, it was time for the groom’s family to pay up and get the shoes back. They got away lightly and didn’t have to spare a penny, as they offered the kids some sweets in return for the shoes and the kids happily accepted to the parent’s despair.

At the end of an Indian wedding, it is customary for the Bride’s side of the family to stop the car and demand some money to let the Groom leave with his Bride. Sawan’s Family pulled out the sweets again but this time it didn’t work quite so well. It was very generous of Sawan’s family to then hand out wads £50 notes to let the couple get on their way. One family with a young child really put these so-called wads of £50 notes to good use. (You will see what I mean)

Vanesha & Sawan I’d like to thank you for choosing me as your Wedding Photographer, It has been an incredible journey with you both.

Remember this is only part one of two. Click here to see photos of their Civil Wedding & Reception, which took place at the beautiful Manor of Groves.

Remember this is only part one of two. Click here to see photo from their Civil Wedding & Reception, which took place at the beautiful Manor of Groves.


Videography – Epic Media
MUA – Arpita Karania
Decor – Saarang
Priest – Rajubhai Pandya
Catering – 4 seasons
Flowers by Nafisa
Bridal Outfit by Pawan & Pranav