As I first entered the main hall at Oshwal Centre, I was amazed to see the decor. The mandap and archway were formed using lots of fresh plants surrounded by dark wood to provided perfect contrast in colours.

When I think back to their wedding the first moment that pops to my mind immediately is a moment during the Phokwanu (When the Bride’s family formally welcome the Groom’s family). During this part of the ceremony, it is a tradition for the bride’s mum to pinch the groom’s nose, for a little light-hearted fun. Not only did Kunal’s nose get pinched but Palvi’s mum took it one step further and also gave both ears a pull. In my years of being a wedding photographer, this was a first.

Palvi’s family have their very own hand signal. During the wedding when the guest would usually be clapping, Palvi’s family did their famous hand signal. It was great to see Kunal getting involved with this especially after they both signed the legal marriage document, which was also a funny moment as the registrar must have got his paperwork mixed up as he announced two different names which were not Palvi or Kunal just before conducting the Civil ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was beautifully conducted by Kamal Panday accompanied by Shiv Gopal Music. I have been fortunate to work with the two of them on numerous occasions and those of you who have seen a ceremony conducted by the duo know it’s an incredible experience.

After the ceremony, we spent a short time using the wonderful gardens and beautiful architecture of the derasar (Jain Temple) for their couple portraits. This one the great advantages of having Oshwal Centre as your wedding venue.

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Wedding Priest – Kamal Pandey
Music – Shiv Gopal
MUA – Charu Haria
Food – Swagat
Servers and Additional Decor – Haveli Decor
Harpist – Melissa Adriana Parmar