About Me

Hi I’m Meheer

Thank you for stopping by my website and taking a look at what I have to offer. It’s great you have reached this page and would like to know a little more about me and my love for photography.

When I was younger it never crossed my mind that one day I would become a professional photographer. There are various pictures from my childhood that have me holding a camera looking like I am taking a picture (no idea if I was or if I was just posing) but this must have had some influence on my career choice. You could also say my dad had some part to play in that decision, he was a photographer during the film days.

I count myself very fortunate that during my childhood, my parents took lots of photos and videos for us all to look back on. I love spending time looking at photos from the past. This is even better when you look through photos together with others. You get a rush of memories running through your mind and can share stories with one another.

The one thing that intrigues me most about photography is the idea of preserving a moment in time. A single photo allows you to do exactly that. That one photo can take you back to a millisecond of time, it can remind you of where you were, what was happening and ultimately how you felt. A memory that will last a lifetime.

When I give my clients their photos I give them something they'll be able to look back on in many years to come, something they'll be able to share with friends and family so they can remember joyful and precious times. That's why I do what I do.

Get in touch with me to discuss how I can produce images with the same impact for your Wedding.

Let's discuss how I can produce images with the same impact for your Wedding.