Sejal & Jays Indian Engagement Ceremony. Our Grandads were best friends and the relationship has continued since. So I have been lucky enough to know Sejal my entire life, we have an endless number of memories from our childhood to this current day.  It was an honour to photograph her engagement and for me to create some memories through the medium of photography.

Sejal is super creative, she put together all the decor and little details to turn a marquee into a beautiful setting (I’m sure Jay helped too).When I posted a few pictures on Facebook, I received a few messages asking about the venue and decor. People were shocked to hear that this took place at their home and was all done by themselves.

Before the actual ceremony started there were so many great moments of guests greeting each other and fully of joy. My favourite moment being Sejal and her grandma hugging and embracing each other. All I could think of was how much joy her grandma was feeling seeing one of her grandchildren getting engaged and the start of many wonderful occasions to come.

I leave you with some of my favourite pictures from the day.  I truly believe it is very clear to see the joy and such happiness throughout.